As One Door Closes, Another One Opens
Our story hero
The CareerFlex story started back in 2017 when founders, Max and Dominick Keefe, realized that hundreds of thousand employees were losing their jobs every year due to factors outside of their control and that these employees were not receiving an adequate answer to the simplest question, “what about my job?”

At that time, Max was a retail liquidation consultant, meaning he would work as an ad hoc regional manager for distressed retailers during their “store closing” sales and Dominick was working for a real estate restructuring firm also dealing with companies facing distress, store closings, and layoffs.

As a retail liquidation consultant, Max worked hand in hand with thousands of retail employees through some of the most challenging times. However, despite all of those challenges, nothing was more difficult for him than saying goodbye to the hardworking, loyal employees knowing he did not have a good answer for them when they would ask about what’s next in their careers.

Max and Dominick both saw firsthand how little resources were being allocated to the employees, and from sharing their experiences with each other, they knew there was an opportunity to help the hard-working people and the companies they worked for.

And with that, CareerFlex was born.

We’re fortunate to be able to combine years of industry experience, our unique supervisor network, and world-class technology to improve and modernize the outplacement process.

We firmly believe effort, talent, and positive attitudes in the face of such adversity should never go unrewarded. You won’t find another service offering features such as letters of recommendation to enhance employee's credibility for that very reason.

At the same time, our solution rightly benefits employers that offer this kind of assistance. Improved retention and sales, enhanced goodwill, and reduced financial risk are just some of the returns our clients have come to expect when working with us.

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Max Keefe

Dominick Keefe