Reduce Risk & Increase Retention

CareerFlex works with in-store liquidation supervisors to identify employees that exceed expectations and stay the length of the sale.

Find Talent
The CareerFlex program, along with their letter of recommendation, significantly helped retain our staff and increase morale during the store closing process. With CareerFlex, our sale performed better than expected and our employees were given an additional resource and support system.
Cheney Renfroe
National Stores HR Director
Reduce Avoidable Hiring Mistakes

CareerFlex has a unique ability to recognize intangibles, allowing you to comfortably know that each candidate you select is more likely to perform as anticipated.

Increased Employee Retention

We reward loyalty by spotlighting employees who finish the job. Our CareerFlex Certified pool of employees makes it easier to trust your new hire will last.

3rd Party Vetting

Through our network of Supervisors, we have industry-first, hands-on work experience with all CareerFlex Certified employees.

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