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Why sign up to CareerFlex Plus?
Advance your career with the help of our CareerFlex Plus portal to help you polish your resume, refine your skills, and find new opportunities.
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Automatic Resume & Email Builder
Create professional looking resumes with ease. Receive step-by-step advice and support, tailored to your strengths.
  • Build a professional resume using one of our resume templates
  • Easily tailor resume versions for different applications
  • Export resumes to PDF and Word
Online Learning Centre
Engage in online courses to support your job search.
  • Gain access to courses that will walk you through the key points and steps you should take in your job search
Networking opportunities
Manage your contacts and discover personalized networking opportunities.
  • Find, schedule, and share meet-up event details
  • Stay on top of your progress with to-do lists and with automatically generated tasks
  • Easily reach out to contacts using our email builder
Opportunity Management
Track and organize your job applications online. Get an advantage with our interview prep tips and job posting recommendations.
  • Save any job, from any job-search website, using our convenient web extension
  • Receive interview prep and company research before your scheduled interviews
  • Get customized job recommendations based on your job search activity
  • Search from millions of opportunities
What you’re getting with CareerFlex Plus
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Letter of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation
Resume/Interview Tips Resume/Interview Tips
Uniquely Curated Job Board Uniquely Curated Job Board
24/7 Online Support 24/7 Online Support
Automatic Resume & Email Builder (CareerFlex Plus only)
Video Learning Center (CareerFlex Plus only)
Networking Opportunity Finder (CareerFlex Plus only)
Job Application Tracker (CareerFlex Plus only)
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